Monday, 15 July 2013

Best Weight loss Health Retreats In New South Wales

Weight loss retreat Cedarvale has helped many Australians get back control of their lives and get long-lasting, sustainable weight loss.Is there a method to shed excess weight without losing the mind? Yes, there is. Sustainable, long-term weight reduction is realistic and achievable. Whenever you stay at one of the best weight loss retreats in NSW in Cedarvale, you’ll benefit from the benefits of knowledge from trained weight reduction professionals; specialists who provide expert consultancy and assistance, and can help facilitate a program tailored to fit your specific weight loss journey.

Under a cloudless blue sky of northwestern Sydney's Hawkesbury Valley, the attendees had kicked started the morning with a set of team fitness challenges. Exercise makes a significant part of the program, but contrary to popular belief long-term weight loss isn't just about pounding hours on the treadmill. NuYu not only subscribe to the belief that weight loss is "80 percent dietary, 20 percent exercise" they also believe that the best results require a complete lifestyle change.

Hence today's seminar, which was counting the calories in alcohol and tackling how to stick to one's diet guns when eating out the dieter's equivalent of a recovering gambler stepping into a casino. Gina's presentation is at times informative, but mainly she dishes out the kind of practical advice that we all know, but simply need a firm reminder.

The seminar is followed by lunch in a sun filled gazebo. Situated in the 4.5-star accommodation of the Sebel Resort & Spa for weight loss, along with the dining spaces attendees have full access to hotel facilities. Extensive gardens are the perfect setting for early morning bush walks and tai chi sessions which are also on the program schedule. Together with yoga, psychology sessions, cooking demonstrations, fitness testing and a range of other sports and games, attendees are kept agreeably busy.