Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bitter Orange Extract for Weight Loss

Why do dieters use it?
Some dieters state that bitter orange
 * Helps increase fat burning capacity.
 * Helps suppress appetite.

Bitter orange can also be known as citrus aurantium. Bitter orange has bee utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat chest congestion and stimulate gastrointestinal functions.

Bitter Orange Extract is really a fat burner, energy pill that increases metabolism, increases caloric expenditure, promotes weight reduction, and increases energy levels. Synephrine may be the primary active alkaloid in Bitter Orange. Synephrine stimulates your body’s adrenal gland promoting effective fat loss, appetite suppression and natural energy. While no clinical trails have substantiated the potency of bitter orange as weight loss pill, it appears to be effective in combination with St. John's wort and caffeine. Many Ephedra based weight loss supplements now contain bitter orange within the ingredients.

Common uses for Bitter Orange: Like a dietary supplement, bitter orange continues to be marketed to help relieve stomach upset, stimulate hunger, assist with mild insomnia, and treat ringworm infections for example athlete’s foot and jock itch. Bitter orange fruit and peel will also be commonly marketed as a weight reduction remedy and a nasal decongestant. Topically, bitter orange peel can be used for inflammation of the eyelid, skin bruising, and muscle pain. The meals and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved bitter orange (in a small amount) as a flavoring agent. In manufacturing, bitter orange can be used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and soaps.
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